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Megan and Sarah come together for a two-person story about the power of kindness and learning to show up for each other when it matters.


MICRO/MACRO - mckenzie chiNN

Our teller experiences oppression on scales both large and small.

Zematis Sarah.jpeg

Sarah weaves together a tale of grief, hair, and fundraising in the wake of her child's cancer diagnosis.


After Lunch in South Chicago - Deborah Hines

A tale of corruption from the highest level.


Planet B - Lizzie Duszynski

Our storyteller examines the birth of new universes from the tiniest of choices.


Missouri Compromise - Julie Ganey

A woman fears a divisive political atmosphere at her parents’ home. 


To Spank or Not To Spank - LaTanya Lane

A mother realizes her seven-year old son’s seemingly simple temper tantrum could have dire implications outside the safe space of their home.